13 March, 2012

Why Socialism II: Socialism within Capitalism?

The Socialist Economic Alternative I
(Socialism within Capitalism?)

The perennial question asked by any defender of the status quo to an avowed socialist is always, “Well, what would your Ideal economic System be, and why hasn’t it just naturally evolved from this current, supposedly congenitally inferior attempt?”

Well, it is a fair question, even if the motives of such an asker were not!

And, to ask of an inhabitant of this side of an Emergence (a revolution) exactly what will appear on the other side is both unreasonable, and, to be honest, unanswerable.

But we do know quite a bit about what is wrong, and what horrors it inflicts upon Humanity, and has done so for many centuries.

We also know from history and the current Arab Spring that revolutions do indeed occur, and it must be an important part of our task to begin to address that question, but not as a prediction whether as the word of God, or Marx, or anyone else - but, with clear attempts to remove the horrors.

An Emergence is best typified by its most wonderful and evident example of the history of the Earth – The Origin of Life itself.

Clearly, no prediction of the various consequent Forms of Life would ever have been available within the World before that Event.

So, let us, with more than a little humility, address the question of the nature of the possible economic alternative to Capitalism, perhaps expressed negatively as to what must be removed.

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