29 April, 2021

Real Abstraction: Why Art and Science Must Work Together!

Can Abstract Art help Science?

Yet, in spite of the well established Pluralist Aberrations, True Abstraction is still the ideal to be followed: but exactly “What that is?”, requires, for us, a necessary detour into the very best of 20th century Modern Art! 

You might think that the damage done by Pluralist Abstraction, was sufficient to permanently condemn literally ALL Abstraction as damagingly misleading: but that would be wrong too! Indeed, it must be clear by now that the Real Holist World and its multi-level Development, is such as to far outstrip currently Dominant forms of Abstraction. But, nevertheless, Mankind has not only survived, but has indeed developed prodigiously, so that many of their attempts at Abstractions must have had at least some crucial Objective Content - indeed sufficient to get us to this point at all! But philosophically, and from the Understanding of Reality-as-is requirement - NOT YET GOOD ENOUGH! 

But, something of what is required does actually occur, but not in Science and primarily, and largely unconsciously, it has appeared best in the Arts!

The question is how can we reconcile these very different types of Abstraction? 

This short excerpt was taken from the latest issue of SHAPE Journal entitled Holist Science II (73) - it can be found on page 15 in the paper called The Trajectory of Real Development I

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