19 April, 2012

Issue 24 of SHAPE

Issue 24 sees the introduction of a new magazine-style layout to the journal and a complete reappraisal of how we see the Space-Time continuum - is it a 'continuum' at all, or is this another formal assumption?

EditorialThis issue of SHAPE is unusual in that it gathers together a series of recent papers precipitated by a long and concerted attack upon the so-called Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Theory. It started with the ubiquitous Double Slit Experiments, but quickly forced a more general reassessment which could not but include Cosmology and Einstein’s formal contributions upon the assumed framework of everything - Space & Time.
It is not the coherent and comprehensive work that was originally planned for a Special Issue on the subject - this will follow in the relatively near future - but it does lay down a few precursors of an entirely new approach, which arose out of other Sciences - particularly Biology and primarily Darwin and the following Evolutionists. 

But this collection does indeed tackle the philosophic ground of giants such as Einstein, Bohr and Heisenberg and shows in a fragmentary way where their transformation of Physics has unfortunately led.

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