20 June, 2016

Brexit and the murder of Jo Cox

No one is saying it but it needs to be said!

The murder of Jo Cox has highlighted the crucial sides in the Brexit debate.

The murderer is a right-wing fanatic, who considered her to be the real enemy.

Yet, consider the reactions of the ones who really care, who came out strongly about the way she was and what she did for people.

In this increasingly nasty, nationwide argument between the right-wing of Toryism, who want to lead that party, and the rest of us who are trying to survive, the rantings of the Leave Leaders show a marked contrast.

The UKIP leader, Farage, thought putting out his racialist poster was ill-timed, because of Jo's murder. Contrast that with the genuine out-pourings of love from those who knew her.

Don't let the Right win by voting LEAVE!

If they do they will take over the Tory Party and the nation! And you will be faced with five years of these reactionaries, who will, most certainly, intensify their policy of making us all pay for their Slump.

Vote REMAIN to defeat the Reactionary Right!

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