07 November, 2016

Capitalism and Alienation

Dr. Harriet Fraad on The Desperate Alienation & Suffering of Working Class People in today's Capitalist Society 

The following recording is the 3rd November Edition of the Democracy at Work Weekly Radio Show - featuring, in the last half hour of the broadcast, Dr. Harriet Fraad talking about alienation in our Capitalist World.

Many requests have been received by that organisation for more contributions by Dr. Fraad, who performs a vital function in her critique of this inhumane system, especially when it is in crisis, as it has been now ever since 2008, tipping BOTH workers and the unemployed into an even worse state than normal. She relates how it has always been basically of that same nature, but dramatically dives to desperate levels in times such as now.

Democracy at Work have arranged for her contributions to occur in the all subsequent first shows of every month. Her contributions will significantly enhance what is already an unmissible show, hosted by Marxist Economist Dr. Richard Wolff.

Access the current show here!

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