03 August, 2017

Nested Substrate Levels

Emma McNally

How the Different Fields of the Universal Substrate co-exist

There are, as yet, unsolved problems with our suggestion of a "Multi-Level Substrate", for two very good reasons! 

First, we have to accommodate multiple kinds of fields, utilising different levels within the Substrate, yet occupying the very same volumes of "Space"! 

And second, the summation of multiple fields of the same type and occurring at the same level within the substrate, but involving different directions (due to different initiators). 

It is the former problem which is the easiest to solve, because as the simultaneous fields are of very different types, they will be utilising different units of the Substrate - involving very different Unit sizes, and hence occurring at very different levels. For, such sub-Substrate systems can interpenetrate one another - one existing within the interstices or gaps between those of the other, larger kind: in effect the two fields are occupying the very same space. 

But, such a handy separation will NOT be available when the two different fields are of exactly the same type, and are affecting a single unit of the substrate, for they will invariably involve different directions. 

So, as the shells are building outwards from two different initiators in re-orientating the affected substrate units, these "tides" extending outwards from different initiators will ultimately meet - and a unit common to two fields will be somehow be changed to include the joint effects of both. 

But, this could be solved by the Vector Addition of Amount (given by distance from the initiator) and Direction (given by the orientation of the internal orbit's axis) and these would merge to give a joint energy amount and resultant direction, within a single unit.

Special Issue 52 - The Nanocosm

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