03 August, 2017

New Special Issue: The Nanocosm!

My ongoing investigation into a material Universal Substrate which explains magnetism, gravity and the propagation of light, has lead to the realisation that the sub-atomic realm must be divided into various levels, at colossally different scales.

The time has come to address these Internal Worlds of The Universal Substrate - that is the inter-relationships of the suggested different Substrate Units both with-each-other, and also with any macrocosmic events happening within that sub-macrocosmic Substrate as Universal Ground.

Now, from the outset, it must be made clear that these Various Units, though of the same basic mutually-orbiting, bi-particle construction, are, nevertheless, related to others of the very same kind in very different ways, and via diverse properties. AND, crucially, they are also of vastly different sizes. The lowly Electron Neutrino is some 600,000,000 times smaller than the Magnetons at the other end of this colossal scale!

My contention is that these effectively constitute very different “Worlds of the Underlying Cosmos”, below the macrocosm of the everyday world.

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