07 October, 2017

Guns in America: what are they really for?

Why is America in love with guns?

Why can't Gun Control Laws be passed in the US Congress? 

It's not because of the lauded Second Amendment. For, that was put in over two centuries ago, when the indigenous Americans still had to be removed and their land stolen, and wars of continued existence against the ex-owners, Britain, were still very much a possibility.

No, the current reason isn't so much to do with that revolution as it is to do with who benefits from the current economic set up-in the USA, who also funds the politicians, and the NRA, and ultimately who wants to be able to defend themselves against what they fear most?

It is the Rich: and who they fear most are The People! 

The defence of private property is big business - which it turn, also needs defending. They have tried every other possible means of staying in the driving seat, and keeping their wealth, but the 2008 crash showed that all their methods could not keep them and their world safe forever.

The real threat voiced by the workers in the Major Depression of the 1930's, which scared both Rooseveldt and the wealthy elites to death, and led to the New Deal, could happen again, but this time could actually lead to Revolution!

How do you think these people consider the recent massacre in Nevada? One man suitably armed, and in the right place, can deal with almost 600 people at once, particularly if they are in the open streets demonstrating or marching upon their safe Latifundia.

Instant death could be rained down upon them as in Las Vegas. And also, they don't want to be caught un-armed when alone.

Shoot first and ask questions later, seems to be the best bet! If mass killers are despatched routinely in this way, it will surely disuade most others from "trying-it-on" to unseat the wealthy.

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