25 June, 2014

Socialism: A New Set of Posts

There is no getting away from it!

Yet, once more, the steady series of news comments and arguments that have been posted on this blog on Socialism, have clearly not been urgent enough to energise our readers to adopt new political positions. Yet, we know that bloggers from 120 countries have accessed our stuff, and that the socialist postings have been the most successful in getting serious numbers of hits.

This short collection of papers is a new and different attempt to elicit a more active response. It includes the following:-

1. Understanding Reality (posted below)
2. “Democracy” and the Rule of Law
3. Democracy: Services to and Control by the People

A response would be greatly appreciated. We get indirect evidence in terms of the numbers of hits, what they are looking at, and which countries they are from, so that we have recently traced important spurts in access to the Ukraine and Poland, but we really also require both positive and negative responses to our postings, to judge whether our objectives are in any way being fulfilled.

So, there are facilities at the end of each and every posting - tell us what you think!

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