21 July, 2009

Flow diagram of Discovery & Invention

Philosophical Diagrams flow charts Discovery and Invention
We plan to use this blog to post some of the many diagrams I have created over the years. Some of these will be published in the Shape Journal - we will link to it if there is an associated paper. Some of them are just little ideas to get you thinking!

For many years I have been struggling with the Philosophy of Science, and my efforts have not been helped by the fact that I do not sit with the consensus in this crucial area. Indeed, I am considered something of a maverick, in that I have long opposed the generally accepted philosophical position in my own subject - Physics. I have found, that to marshal my arguments effectively, I have had to go beyond the exclusive use of words. In revealing my position on the Philosophy of Science I have felt it essential to reveal relationships via diagrams...

The above quote is from A Structure of Diagrams, a series of papers to be published on the Shape website.
The first of which can be found here

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