09 December, 2021

Developments in the Human Brain

Elsewhere, recently, I have found it necessary to consider the Effect of the Emergence of Language upon Human Development and Understanding. And, in those studies, it clearly is significant just how the Patterns of Thinking seemed to change profoundly whenever a particular Form was also given a Name, and then discussed, along with other things, and in the same way as everything else. And, this was unavoidable, of course, because within Language, a Name must be totally-fixed, to thereby allow Language to both effectively and unambiguously deliver any ideas involved!

For, whereas, a Form is never once-and-for-all uniquely determined - they most certainly-and-importantly DO change, into various other and significantly different Forms as Development proceeds - Names, on the contrary, cannot do this, for a mutually understood definition must hold, in order for it to play a meaningful role within communication.

This is both mostly unacknowledged epistemologically, and highly important, as Language is our only means of Explaining Things. Such a limitation can often be wholly incorrect when applied to dynamic Forms and Systems in particular, as it is often not immediately evident, as profound Change doesn't happen most of the time, in many areas. They are then regularly used as just another normally-unchanging (constant) elements of Language, Words: and this can cause major errors in Explanations, when those Forms suddenly change into other quite different Forms, in Emergent Development. 

But today, I came across another See The Pattern video on Toutube, by the creator and presenter of that series, Gareth Samuals, in which he considers a study from a US University, in which the actual Shrinking of the Human Brain, generally, has been clearly established! 

Now, I gave been engaged for some time upon the Emergence and putting the Effect of the restrictions of Language, above those nrcessary for Human Thinking, which has seriously affected it, in both some great advantage, as well as also, other clearly disbling ways.

For, the direction that The Sciences have taken since the Greek Intellectual Revolution of the 5th century BC, there has been been an effort to take the Forms, along with all other elements as being totally constant, by putting the needs of the Consistent Language (in Explanation) well above the need to the development of the Forms, thus vastly distorting all supposedly Scientific Explanations, by the needs of Language over those required for Forms.

Now, in addition to the above point crucial other changes are involved. For, something about the processes involved in Thinking about Things generally, must surely have significantly changed the structures and processes involved in a major qualitative changes in the forms of wholly new features that were recently necessary that were NEVER necessary previously, and some replaced those left over from a majorly different System, no longer relevant!

It would seem that whatever changes happened (and remember they actually were NOT universally implemented) still involved a shrinking of our Brain size.

What could possibly have caused it? And did it mean a reduction in the processes necessary,  caused by   simplfied Thinking techniques!? And, if so what exactly were these changes?

We have long been aware of physical changes due to excessive exercise: but this discovery is undoubtedly significant - for it seems to link a Loss-in-Structures, coupled with a significant Gain-in -Performance!

For, if this is a rare if General Rule, it infers a very different - nay revolutionary - relation between Structure and Performance, and a significant re-writing of Development and Evolutionary Changes!

But, it shouldn't surprise us, if we are already committed to the Revelations delivered by Dialectical Materialism! For, though, most of the time, things do remain unchanged, we are beginning to address the Clear Fundamental Interludes of Significant Qualitative Changes, AND the significant Role of Contention in the creation of the Wholly New! So, it cannot be avoided that the Material World changes too - And NOT just incrementally - they also happen in the thinking abilities and even physical capabilities of organisms, which can only mean that these developments must also reflect the capability of physical Changes in those organisms too!

Thought-and-Language simply must have some physical manifestations - for, indeed revolutionary transformations in Thought cannot merely be a mere new arrangrmrnt of a totally unchanging physical entity!

For, we must remember, the relatively short lifetimes of individual people, and their only way of passing physical capabilities on being via Sexual Reproduction between different individuals, in a definitely clearly dialectical development of the production of a Single Egg (synthesis) - formed from both contributing (and contending) parents, but thereafter wholly contained within and automatically sustained by the Mother! Until finally, in a cataclysmic change termed Birth, suddenly becomes a separate and unique individual - having to breathe and feed for itself! If that isn't a Revolutionary Physical Change, I don't know what is!

And, these constant renewals, many thousands per day, alongside the inevitable terminations, ultimately, of both parents of the prior generation, SIMPLY MUST involve other major changes too, also significantly sometimes including, the creation of the Wholly New! Yet, exactly how all those changes in Thinking, physically emerge-and-modify what happens in the Brain is NOT known.

There is no developing Physical Model of the Brain: it, instead, is conceived-of, as an eminently-flexible organ, with potentially infinite capabilities - to which I must profoundly disagree! For, what could possibly have given this matter such capabilities?

You can see why a God had to be considered as The Prime Architect with these assumptions - but it has long been just a necessary Myth!

And, with the usual regular errors imposed upon all discusions of causes, due to the confusion about Names, especially when they are applied to things such as Forms, as explained earlier in this piece - so that NO meaningful conclusions are arrived at, and making regularly sound conclusions impossible to achieve, and the consequent generated problems are thereafter rarely, if ever, addressed.

Yet, surely, it must be possible, from a real understanding of how Forms do ultimately-transform, via explicable processes, into something quite different, without letting the basic rules of supposedly intelligible Language, forever lead us into the mire!

Of course, to be able to do this, one must have seriously embarked upon a dedicated journey into The Dialectics of Change, which is NOT the accepted wisdom currently, though there are increasingly many areas where that is the only worthwhile Approach.


03 December, 2021

Invisible Media

Substrate Theory proposes that an invisible medium of Leptons permeates all known space - a Materialist and Holistic explanation for all of the strange phenomena at the Quantum level, that somehow seems to lack accessible Causality. Here we begin to consider whether such Invisible Media could be operating at other Levels of Reality too.

Recent work designed to reveal the full, and yet often hidden motive forces within Reality-as-is, has begun to founder, upon certain important Effects, seemingly without evident Cause. In Sub Atomic Physics, they were the latest excuse for theorists to drift ever deeper into an out-and-out Positivism, by substituting purely-descritive Mathematical Formulae instead of Causal Explanations!

Indeed, actual Causal Chains have been traced downwards through increasingly evident, yet relatively-independent, Hierarchical Layers involving multiple, diverse Effects, and their often Unknown or unavailable Causes, until, finally, an Invisible Wall appears to totally halt that process! And, which, therefore, effectively permanently terminates these investigations, and, indeed, stops-dead in continuing to supply both the culprits and their actual physical Effects: the investigations seem to encounter a Final Limit - as an evident inability to reveal exactly what needs to be changed further, in our descriptions and explanatoions, to fully deliver an adequate theory of the event.

Of course, much of this can be put down to loudly trumpeted misdirections by those who benefit most from such terminating advice to any campaigning oppositionists to the current Status Quo. But, not everything is down solely to such imposed difficulties!

Indeed, many of them seem to boil down to incomplete and hence wrong-and-misleading usually generally- accepted definitions, and consequent “Wrong Theories”, by supposedly independent, or even seemingly fully- committed and serious prior researchers. Even the “experts” on our side can be the unwitting culprits.

It is always worth remembering that we do not have totally unhindered access to Reality-as-is! It is always insufficient and structured in the the easiest-to-grasp- way, due frequently to historically effective precidents. And these established ideas, as well as their clearly useful side, are also-and-inevitably misleading, when confronted with the Wholly New!

But, recent extensive investigations in entirely new approachess (by this reaearcher) have begun to uncover wholly new definitions of previously-unknown, active causal elements, which seem to quite wrongly prematurely terminate investigations, as being incapable of further necessary revelations, as the currently involved elements appear to have exhausted all possibility for further change. And this is not the usual kind of added contribution, as it is subtractive rather than additional.

And, the reasons for these premature terminations seem to reside elsewhere in an extended overall set of limitations, only now making themselves felt, additional to the previously supposed only important causal factors.

And these are NOT, as you might think, as being due to purposely ommitted factors built into the usual inadequate definitions, but instead, actually due to a running-out-of-possubilities, due alternatively to wholly Invisible factors, that have become so, caused by the wholly Pluralistic-and-hence-truncated definitions, instead of the Real and much more widely-defined Holistic definitions, which alone can enable certain factors, entirely from outside-of the usual, to both change, and even, sometimes, switch to different, and even Wholly Opposite properties, when the conditions pass certain significant thresholds elsewhere.

The actual Hierarchy of related Levels is not considered!

These occur because apart from embedded effects, due to the presence of certain agents - for in a truly Holistic World, collections of mutually-affecting factors can be simultaneously present, but usually in most circumstances only allowing a limited selection of possibilities, but can, if an unusual mix is arrived at, which implements the exact opposite of what had previously seemed to be always the same, and also delivering a very different outcome.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Multi- Layered-Hierarchy of the semi-independent layers of causality is NEVER usually considered, and that is precisely when the causality originates in a usually correctly ignored Layer, so that the New Cause seems to come from Nowhere!

The Invisble Walls can be breached and Explanations from without are validly brought in!

NOTE: Inklings of such events were seen millennia ago by Zeno of Elea, and formalised very much later within Hegel’s Dialectics, but a systematic revelation required the revolutionary changes implemented by Karl Marx in his own Dialectical Materialism, which he predicated on his new Holistic and Materialist approach to History!

Indeed, the very essence to Holist Situations involving a number of interacting and mutually-affecting factors, is, first, that they don’t merely add-up, but, acutally to widely-varying degrees affect outcomes, and even in rare cases flip to the exact opoosite of what pertained in seemingly all other cases!

NOTE: In the classic “if-then” clause in Programming, not only is there no Causal Reason ever given for the usual outcomes considered without any full explanation, but the third option (evident if the elsewhere factors are considered), actually adds adds “neither” as another outcome, which can also actually terminate a causal sequence also, with no-one being the wiser!

And this was previously taken to be a totally unchangeable thing, but, in fact, in this precise context, at least, could only flip to the opposite.

And this takes Holist Studies into a wholly new and usually totally unanticipated realm, which I have termed Systems Approach Processes, opening-up vastly extended, if also, rare ranges of options that initially are always deemed impossible!

This paper is taken from the latest issue of SHAPE Journal on Holism and Subatomic Physics (Special 75)

02 December, 2021

Special Issue 75: Holism and Subatomic Physics

Read Special Issue 75

This edition continues this journal's exploration of a nascent Holist Science.

Though I have been approaching the mysteries of the Subatomic world for a very long time (see Substrate Theory and The Theory of the Double Slit) - I now must tackle the many anomalies of this area of Physics, Philosophically, to have any chance of establishing a new Holist approach, before Physics effectively destroys itself, with its increasingly generated contradictions.

These papers bring together findings from Substrate Theory, The Theory of Emergences and the new Systems Approach to Science, to make the case for using Dialectics in Physics and the search for further "Invisible Media" across the Sciences.