28 October, 2011

The Shell-Shaped Universe

What Shape is the Universe?

A new issue will follow this video in coming days, explaining further how the theory of Empty Photons could have dramatic ramifications on how we see the Universe. Could the known Universe exist in a thin shell? Could every galaxy be an illusion? Watch this space to find out more...


  1. I discovered the shape of the universe some 30 years ago, and have always wanted to discuss the issue but never had that oppertunity. But now with the advent of the computer as a communitive device this may now be possible. I should comment that I was a tech at UC Berkeley for many years and base my opinions from the same point of view as the many graduate students in the various departments I was involved with.

    any comments on the shape of our universe are welcom.


  2. This has been commented and shared on Youtube since 2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3lp0rLtcMM and upto October 30th 2015 It has had 120 thumps up and 15 thumps down. How does one know if ones explanation is correct ? .. Only if One can make a prediction one knows that the explaination is MOST LIKELY TO Be correct. That is why Simply explaining things has little value unless you can make a prediction. Ancient Prophet seeker and Oracles were valuable to the degree they could predict accurately. I wrote a similar Model to explain Dark Energy in 2007 for a GRANT And It was denied even though my logic was sound and based on many scientific papers. Somebody can Explain with sound logic but there is no way to verify the explanation because there is no way to make a prediction based on the explain model.

  3. Prediction is only quantitative, a pattern than can be extrapolated. While this theory is only an idea, I admit, with the right resources time and money it would be possible to search for evidence for this formation by cataloguing galaxies and searching for certain "predicted" forms based on concept of duplicates close to the edge of the totally internally reflected universe.