26 July, 2012

SHAPE is 3 years old!

June 2012 marked the third anniversary of our online journal. It is a significant achievement, for from the outset it was intended to put out new Issues every three weeks containing around 3,000 words of original contributions, and in so doing building an accessible library of contributions on the subjects:

Science, Holism, Abstraction, Philosophy & Emergence

(hence S.H.A.P.E.)

So by this point in time some 150,000 words should have been delivered, and this goal has been exceeded and enlarged further by this blog and a small series of animations and films on the Shape Journal Youtube Channel These 'spin off's' have recorded 40,000 hits on their own, quite apart from the innumerable accesses to the main journal. 

Surprisingly this hefty output has not kept pace with my new writing, so that there is a great deal more to publish now than there was at the start of the enterprise. 

We sincerely hope that our readers have got something from this demanding and committed endeavour, and would dearly like our journal to be the chosen outlet for the creations of other philosophers in similar areas.

To mark this anniversary Michael Coldwell will be making another new video for us, to encapsulate the whole project so far, and hopefully to attract new minds to the Shape aegis.

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