25 June, 2014

Understanding Reality?

Everybody does it – whether they are aware of it or not!

From the football supporter with his pint to the University lecturer with his publications, all of them, one way or another, try to make sense of the world they live in. They may severely limit what concerns them, or “tackle-the-lot” with some general conclusions, but no one is immune!

We, as a species, (and that means every single one of us) need to understand. It is why we are called Homo Sapiens – Thinking Man.

It is, and always has been, our main, if not our sole, weapon and tool: we can think, and naturally, therefore, attempt to solve problems, whether it is beating the offside trap or defining the nature of an electron.

So, though the majority of people could not profess to be philosophers, they actually are, whether they like it or not! They, most certainly, think about their experiences, and try to make some sort of sense of them.

But, let us be clear, to even be able to do such things is a wondrous ability. For, we, ourselves, are a product of Reality, and definitely not an outside observer. We are the most self aware and intelligent things in the Universe (as far as we know).

We are Reality’s most developed product, and we attempt to understand how this came about, by thinking both about the contents of our world and ourselves. So, though many would believe that thinking about such things is not for them, I have to disagree: for you, me and every other human being, are the only ones who can! We must not only consider things outside of ourselves, but also how we can do that, and how we can constantly improve our ideas about such things.

For, when we don’t, we are purposely misled by those who do profess to know, and have the wherewithall to propagate their preferred version. Indeed, in all forms of available information, and even entertainment, there is given out a steady stream of what they want us to think, and it is rarely the truth! Indeed, it is invariably a concoction that is biased to their own advantage, and almost never to yours!

So, we have to try to get around the propaganda, and think for ourselves.

But that isn’t automatic! We have been fed upon what others require us to believe all our lives, and mostly we manage to survive, without building our own view. But, when crises occur, then you cannot avoid it.

Just listen to those around you: everyone will have an opinion.

Everybody is concerned, for it is always YOU, who is made to pay!

They will simultaneously step up the constant stream of necessary diversions, whether Sport, or Royalty, War or Nationalism and Prejudice to feed an easy and diverting set of conceptions, and avoid a critical, and potentially damaging, response to their role in the crisis.

And, let’s face it; mostly they get away with it!

But, if you can continue to be satisfied with what you are given by a regular diet of experts in one impenetratable area or another, may I suggest you look at what is happening to the Greeks, the Spaniards, the Syrians, the Iraqis, the Pakistanis and many others.

For, they are being made to pay for any privileges that the West needs to survive, and if the crises get any worse, they will not hesitate to transfer such iniquities to YOU!

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