30 June, 2015

Greece: On the threshold of revolution?

Significant things are happening in Greece. Could the country that gave the World Democracy, now establish a European Socialist State?

The 2008 Slump was a clear indicator of the bankruptcy of Capitalism. Even its usual methods of exporting all their problems to the Third World isn’t working as it used to. Now, we will have a return to Nation-State rivalries and even war in Europe.

The "West versus Russia" confrontation is between Capitalist States. No easy Communist targets remain!

So, once more, the Working Class is the major target for regaining some sort of re-establishment of the Old Regime. They will be made to pay!

Greece proves it!

The pensioners and the youth are increasingly being made to pay by enforced poverty. The first break in the Phalanx of Pro-capitalist parties, including those saying they are socialist, is NOW occurring in that great Cradle of Civilisation.

Victory to the People of Greece!

Kick out Capitalism for the only rule for and by The People: S O C I A L I S M!

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