12 March, 2016

Issue 43: Developing a Holist Approach in Science

I am a professional scientist and mathematician, and also a life-long Marxist philosopher. In the last decade I have finally begun to make substantial progress wherein this diverse background has been brought together into what I call a Holist approach to Science.

It isn’t merely a statement of position. Indeed, it has included a wholly new interpretation of the ill-famed Double Slit Experiments in Physics, as well as related contributions on the Red Shift in Cosmology, and a crucial Theory of Emergences in Philosophy. There was no fitting-up of these areas to an a priori stance by any means. The researches in these areas were crucial in delivering a comprehensive extension of Marxism by a professional in these areas of study.

Needless to say, current work is concentrated upon demolishing the consensus position in Physics - the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Thoery - particularly in the more way-out areas such as Quantum Entanglement, and even Quantization of Electron Orbits in Atoms.

An important part of the remit for this series of papers was established by the tackling of a complete redesign of Stanley Miller’s brilliant holistic experiment concerning establishing processes prior to the Origin of Life on Earth. The great gains of this acheivement are based upon an important set of profound contributions in Philosophy, surprisingly not only on Science, but more generally.

This publication is meant as a basis for those who may consider investigating this amazing and effective alternative approach to the scientific method.

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