30 June, 2016

Support Corbyn! Defeat the Traitors!

A vital vote is coming in the Labour Party.

Literally all of what remains of Blair's New Labour are trying to remove Jeremy Corbyn as Leader in spite of his massive majority when elected.

And all this just when the extreme right-wingers are taking over the Tory Party, and will be running the country for the next five years, having lied to take us out of:

- the EU safeguards for Workers
- The Human Rights Charter

The New Tories will certainly intensify their attacks upon us.

You can:

JOIN the Party

(ower fees for Youth and OAPs)

16,000 have joined in the last 3 days

Sign up as a SUPPORTER

as soon as the Election is declared then you can sign up to vote

AFFILIATE as a Trade Unionist

Kick out the Pro-Capitalist Right. Return the Labour party to its true constituency:

The Working Class!

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