09 January, 2017

Defeat the Liars!

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage
Populists? Liars and Capitalists

As we move into the 10th miserable year of this global slump, we must reject the suffering imposed upon ordinary working people, and the LIES of those who caused it, those who now expect US to pay for their greed, while they continue to extend the gap between their increasing Wealth and our ever-growing Poverty.

We didn't spend centuries fighting for and winning adequate Social Provision across the State for all the services that it should provide for its People, only to see them now vastly reduced, and even successively dismantled into yet another Privatisation  while the perpetrators, themselves, talk out of the other side of their lying mouths about concern and increased provision plans.

Donald Trump is part of the establishment

Don't believe a single word!
 They always DO!

Surely the time is long overdue to terminate their greedy rule!
We CAN do better than Capitalism!
We want Socialism, and we need it NOW!

Boris Johnson Leave populism leave bus lie NHS Brexit
Boris Johnson bus load of lies

Out with the Tories for ever!
Stuff the Populists who pretend to be on our side
while continuing to amass their own wealth

They are liars too!
and even further to the Right than the Tories!
How do you think Hitler and Mussolini started?

Fight this lurch to the right

Start your protests NOW
On all possible fronts
Organise Meetings & Actions around all Injustices
Show them what we can do
After all


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