12 July, 2017


Directed Meta-Level Gravity 

The construction of a directed gravitational field within the Universal Substrate

Clearly, if we drop the frankly-magical varying-active- and-directed gravitational “field-happening-in-totally-nothing” - somehow subtended across vast volumes of completely Empty Space, we not only have to consider the presence of a Universal Substrate as its necessary means of a propagation, but also such a field’s own self- erection within such a Substrate, and delivered solely by the Substrate’s own special Units, as responding-and- active parts of that only possible intermediary.

And, it is also clear that such a field is merely only initiated, rather than caused, by the presence and properties of both-of-the-Masses involved. For they are certainly not intrinsically altered in any way by the fields they apparently subtend!

So that, instead, we must have a self-built Substrate-Field, actively constructed by the implicit properties of that Substrate, but located outwards from each initiating Mass, by each-and-every Substrate Unit that is involved in both moving-to the initiator, and equipping- itself both with an appropriate(?) energy deposit, plus a crucial directional-indicator pointing back directly towards that initiator.

How else could that field cause movements of the right size and direction to any affected bodies?

We can only assume that particular gravity-field-versions of the Universal Substrate set of Units, or Gravitons, were, in the prior absence of any massive initiator, both just randomly-moving-about (like a gas), and, because of this, also cancelling-out any of their resident properties, so as to be totally-undetectable.

NOTE: the parallel problem of Electromagnetic Fields has also been solved in a very similar way, by involving two exact mirror image units in equal quantities, the Magnetons, which also required detectable properties in order to actively function as they certainly must, but also needed to be undetectable when inactive. Clearly, a similar solution will be necessary for Gravitons also.

But then, with the arrival of a massive object, into such a Substrate, it would seemingly effectively “capture” those previously randomly-moving Units into a series of static concentric shells surrounding that material object, with all their directional features pointing exclusively towards (and directly-away from it, in a dipole manner), and filled with enough energy (dredged from elsewhere in the substrate) to be available, in an inverse-square- law manner, to deliver a gravitational impulse, when encountering a another material intruder coming into its aegis.

NOTE: the directional element within each Unit must be “dipolar” in a different way to the similar directional elements in electromagnetic Substrate Units (the magnetons). For, it does not have dissimilar opposite directions - such as the magneton’s North & South, but here presenting the same effect in both directions.

The reason for this is that the aligning of gravitational substrate units around the initiator, will on the one hand to balance the gravitational mass of the initiator, but also to transmit that same effect outwards via the dipoles of the units of the field.

Clearly, such “gravitational field Units” of the Substrate could, at this stage, only be influenced by the size of the initiating Mass, as no other interacting Mass is yet on the scene, as currently that aspect of any possible future interaction is yet to be addressed.

Clearly, nothing will then happen, until another material entity’s own gravitational field, building-out-from-it, as initiator, encounters the prior gravitational field of the first-considered Mass.

Clearly, when the two material objects are still very far apart, a reasonable “simplification” might be to consider the fields as wholly independent of one another - established around each, but not yet acting upon anything else.

But, the situation, which must be addressed, is when that is no longer the case, and two such bodies, both depending upon their own individual total Masses, will apparently begin to mutually affect each other.

The major question must be, “Will both initiators then produce joint field units, combining effects from both Masses, or will the fields continue to exist, separate-but- interleaved with one another?”

Once again, the reasonable initial simplification must be to assume the latter, because of the implications of the former, for the then clearly much more complicated Gravitational field Substrate Units will be too much to deal with just yet!

Now, with these assumptions, each Mass is affected by the other in proportion to that other Mass’s size, and, via the involved, connecting line of field units, is forcibly- directed towards that other - all the time suffering changing effects as the distances between decline. It is concerning the amount of this movement, where each body’s own mass also becomes involved.

NOTICE, how the Equations, derived for these processes, hide the actual contributions-and-dynamics, as well as their reasons, in a purely quantitative, simplified and idealised pure mathematical form!

In contrast, what is being attempted here is primarily a Physical Understanding and Explanation!

Also, it is important that because of any prior in-process movements of the two bodies, they may well only be merely re-directed by this gravitational interaction, and will, having passed one another, carry on upon new paths, taking their separate fields with them!

Apart from possible collisions and even merging, the only other possibility, will undoubtedly be the capture of one body by the other, resulting in an orbit of the lesser around the greater, and, a complex interaction of the two fields in some stable situation.

These fields may well, in fact, actually merge, but be then transformed into a two-ways-facing joint-field-unit, transmitting attractive influences back to both masses and causing them to move towards one another.

But, is much-too-soon to address such complexities: we will stay with our simplification as long as it suffices in delivering increased understanding of what is going on. The two “interleaved” fields will change in contained energy to always reflect their varying, current distances apart. Only when these changes are instituted will any consequent field actions occur.

Then, both the masses involved will use the gathered-in energy in its adjacent field units to be pulled towards the other! The changes in both fields will, themselves be modified by the changing positions of the initiating Masses, so propagations of field energies will be changing due to two simultaneous effects:-

1. the using up of field energy to move the affected Masses

2. the moving-in of energy from elsewhere in the Substrate to replenish depleted Units back to the appropriate, currently-required levels

NOTE: In the actual, here-unaddressed situation of merged fields, there would also be a third constant adjustment to even the un-used field energies, to reflect the changing distances away of the initiating Masses.

Of course, such descriptions do not say either “how” or “why” these things happen, for instead of simple “cause-and-result” situation, we have, instead, each seen as both cause-and-result of each other, while the whole thing is actually entirely due to an affected-and-effecting Substrate, actually delivering everything involved.

We can, and indeed do, simplify, by usually taking a relative-to-one-mass standpoint (as most of our experiences are of vastly-differently-sized entities), but the real situation is usually more complicated than that.

The problem, as it was with Electromagnetic Fields, also within the same Universal substrate, is surely Movement. For, it was the Movement of charged, orbiting particles that activated Magnetic Dipole Effects, and, in so doing, also delivered the necessary capabilities of built-in Direction.

So, it looks highly likely that such Movements could also be responsible for similar effects in Gravity: indeed something like a dipole-direction-effect, related to ordinary Gravity - in the same way that Magnetism is related to moving electrical charge effects.

Just as magnetons, when moving, also deliver a Magnetic effect, and when in orbits define an orbital plane with a directed magnetic effect perpendicular to that plane, so, it is here postulated that when gravitons move they too deliver a Meta-Gravity Effect, when in orbits, also defining an orbital plane, with the directed Meta-Gravity Effect perpendicular to that, in the same way!

This paper can be found in our new Special Issue (51)

Holist Cosmology

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