05 June, 2012

Why Socialism VII: How are Decisions Made Within Capitalist Democracy

Before going on to the possible socialist alternatives to bourgeois democracy, we must first address the question:

“How does decision-making work in both non-political and non-representative bodies, for these are widespread and powerful organisations within all Capitalist Systems in addition to the usually considered elective methods?”

We do know how capitalist Democracy works in political assemblies such as the UK Parliament, where the main mechanism for decisions seems to be almost entirely top-down, and only very rarely bottom-up.

What is more, even the pre-election policies that secured the victory of one party over the others, can be radically changed, or even dropped once the majority in that assembly, and a guaranteed ticket-to-rule for the next five years has been secured.

With Party Whips, discipline and even the allocation of lucratively paid posts in government departments, the effect is to strongly bolster the top-down directing of what is made Law by such a "democratic" body.

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