09 April, 2015

Support the East Ukrainian Revolution!

I have a strong suspicion that the story being peddled throughout the West about the uprising in eastern Ukraine is a lie. What we have there is, I believe, a Revolution! 

While the Ukrainian Middle Class in Kiev and to the west want the privileges and wealth of their counterparts in Europe (and expect to get it if they can join the European Community) the mainly ethnic Russians in the industrial East of the country want nothing of the kind!

Indeed, I am daily seeing socialist reactions not only there, but also in Russia itself. 

The West is purposely drawing upon decades of fostered hatred during the Cold War, and liken what is happening now down to the ex-bureaucrat oligarcs in Russia.

But they are most worried about the peoples in those countries, currently being shown the way by their brothers and sisters in East Ukraine.

Great stuff! 

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