13 July, 2015

The coffin for Copenhagen now awaits!

Some comments on Bush’s Recent Review of
Yves Couder’s Experiments

The recent review entitled Pilot Wave Hydrodynamics by John W.M. Bush (of MIT’s Department of Mathematics) published in Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. 2015, is without doubt comprehensive, and has confirmed this theorist’s (Jim Schofield’s) own ideas upon what the brilliant French physicist, Yves Couder, has finally revealed in an important series of experiments.

I would recommend it to all who are interested parties in that paradigm changing work.

Yet, in spite of almost completely evident (yet unstated) conclusions about the errors in present day physicists’ current Copenhagen stance, it chickens out within the very last paragraph of his final conclusions, in subscribing to Everett’s Many-World stance. (We must not forget that this contributor is a mathematician, rather than a physicist, so he reasons accordingly).

And, for the same reasons the account is saturated with the current consensus stance in such investigations, and it should not surprise us as he is from M.I.T.’s Department of Mathematics, and, at present, in Sub Atomic Physics (the evident target for the discoveries of Couder) the formal equation rules OK, and the approach is one in which the objective is to unearth and formulate purely mathematical descriptions, as if they were the essences of any physical attempts at explanation.

So, his review is automatically two stages removed from what is actually required in explaining not only what Couder and his historical antecedents have revealed so brilliantly, but the consequences of this work for Sub Atomic Physics is omitted.

There is, consequently, both the formalisation of that Sub Atomic Realm, and, then, the whole ethos of the professional mathematician, which together prohibit the required physical explanation of what has been revealed.

Nevertheless, what is available in this review is excellent in its historical references, and will facilitate truly physical investigators to, in consequence, have access to important gains and misdirections of the past. And these are, indeed, important! If the result of this work and this review is to re-interpret the Atom, and finally bury the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Theory forever, then a great deal will have been made available to that essential objective.


Two new Special Issues of the SHAPE Journal are now available by the physicist and philosopher Jim Schofield. The first is entitled The Substrate, and the second The Atom, and constitute, as far as that writer can tell, the first suggestions as to a physical alternative to Copenhagen.

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