31 August, 2017

New Special Issue: A Guided Walk Through Ideality

Orogenesis: Turner, 2003
From "Landscapes Without Memory" by Joan Fontcuberta

This latest edition of SHAPE takes a closer look at the notion of Ideality, and the idealism which lies at the heart of mathematics, and subsequently all of the sciences and technologies which depend on it. The work arose from a response by long time colleague and good friend of mine, Peter Mothersole, to a paper about mathematics I sent to him a short time ago.

His questions, as always, were particularly apt, and needed a better response than the dispersed papers of the past. So, several new papers were written, and bundled together with a small collection of older, yet appropriate ones from the past, to deal with the issue of Ideality in this discipline, and the sciences which rely on it.

So, this special issue is dedicated to Dr. Peter Mothersole, and shared here with any other interested parties.


A Guided Walk Through Ideality 

Absolute Distillations 

Idealisitic Sciences 

Continuity, Descreteness and Movement 

Where is Nirvana?

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