05 May, 2020

Transcending the Lockdown in a Revolutionary Way

There can be NO solution to the Coronavirus Pandemic via the conceptions and means of our current Capitalist Governments. 

The entire Ethos and Economic Imperatives of those involved had-to-be, and indeed have-been undermined, by their endless seeking of larger profits no matter what the cost!

And those means, and their costs, are not only soaring ever higher, but are also totally unable to cope with that other range of ever-mounting crises that even threaten Mankind's continued existence upon the planet. For, the unavoidable growth of both Personal & Governmental Debt is not only unsustainable, but also, it now appears, totally unavoidable.

And, at the very same time, Global Warming and the poisoning of both the atmosphere and the oceans appears to be unstoppable, and incapable of even maintaining the current situation.

Finally, the lack of any real National Health Service, in most countries of the World, including the USA, means that the Covid disease doesn't even look like being overcome.

The universally subscribed-to General Consciousness is incapable of dealing with these seemingly Terminal Crises. And, there are NO means currently-available for the People under Lockdown to challenge the powers that be.

...unless you're a fanatical far right American that is.

The only protest is coming from the Right - but they can't see a way out of this besides returning to the economic normal - and they don't seem to care about infecting people and / or deny the seriousness of the contagion. 

And, there are NO universally shared ideas of what to do about it all!

The Bottom Line of corporations and the Capitalist class maximising their profit, inexorably determines everything that Governments can do!

Societies in all Past Human History arrived at only one possible solution to such terminal Crises!


And that means putting the People, the Planet and their Future FIRST.

And there is a task that only the People can be trusted with - surviving the lockdown!

The NHS in the UK hasn't been top-down-directed in its efforts to combat the Coronavirus: it has been, in fact, an amalgam of the very best of the People, and taken along with the self-discipline of all the Rest of the People, keeping rigidly to the need for Social Distancing.

ALL gains have been achieved just in those two areas alone!

Give The People the task of administering adequate Personal Protection Equipment, within small local areas, run by their own democratically elected committees, and THEY will build a safe Country - built up area-by-area

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