12 April, 2016

New Special Issue: The Secret Death of Chaos

This edition is a strange sort of double review. A review of a TV programme on mathematical Chaos from 2010, and a review of a "Marxist" review of it!

Having recently come across Daniel Morley’s review of the BBC TV documentary The Secret Life of Chaos, and finding that his critique (he is a avowed Marxist) was dramatically opposed to my own (also Marxist) series of review papers on the very same TV Programme, I considered criticising his contribution, but relised that a better service to those interested in such things, would be better served by simply re-issueing both together for readers to make their own decisions as to what was correct.

I commenced by simply writing a review of his review, but soon realised that readers would be better informed by seeing not only Daniel Morley’s contribution, but mine also. Access to the original programme would also be essential of course. Here it is:

The.Secret.Life.of.Chaos. by costello74

I was, to say the least annoyed at Morley’s review, but soon came to the conclusion that a Marxist versus Marxist head-to-head would be nowhere near as useful as a presentation of everything under discussion. So contained in this Special Issue of the SHAPE Journal there will be:-

This Introduction
Masters of Another World
Where is Their World?
Formal Chaos
What is The Secret Life of Chaos?
Notes on Daniel Morley’s Review

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